Special type
Solar Power Systems

Pursuing greater integration with tiled roofs

Flat Tile Integrated System

Solar cell modules themselves serve as roofing material, improving the roof’s design.
The tile-integrated module has been certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a fireproof material. (Certification number DR-1584)
This technology comes from experts in roofing to provide dependable performance and peace of mind in installation.

Safety Performance

Built-in high-frequency isolation transformer for emergencies

Even if the solar cell module is grounded due to earthquake, lightning or other event, the current from the power company’s commercial power supply side unit will not flow to the solar cell side.

Can be switched to stand-alone operation in a power failure

Even in the unlikely event of a power failure, if the unit is still in a power-generating state it can be switched to stand-alone operation to allow use of a dedicated outlet in the system only (AC100V, up to 1.5 kW).

Repairs guaranteed through your choice of warranties (10 years/15 years)

If Sunvista should be damaged due to a sudden accident such as fire, lightning, or typhoon, repair costs will be guaranteed up to a certain limit according to the installed capacity, in the event that your fire insurance does not provide satisfactory compensation. (Low-voltage systems under 50 kW)

Ex. Up to 2.26 million yen for a 4 kW installation

In addition to solar power systems, now is the time to use storage batteries or HEMS!

Benefits of storage batteries and HEMS

Surplus power generated can be sold, and less expensive nighttime power can be stored. Stored power can be used during morning or evening time periods when less power is generated, reducing the need to purchase expensive power. Cloud HEMS supports the use, storage, and buying of energy.

Subsidy system (storage battery)
National: Please contact SII (Sustainable open Innovation Initiative)
Local: Please contact your local government.

Product variations

Flat tile integrated

NT-59K5C (5-tile type)
・ Nominal maximum output
59 W

NT-42K5C (4-tile type)
・ Nominal maximum output
42 W

Gable/flat-roof stationary type

NU-215AE (single crystal)
・ Nominal maximum output
215 W

NQ-220AE (Black Solar)
・ Nominal maximum output

Hipped roof stationary type

NQ-155AE (standard module)
・ Nominal maximum output

NQ-101LE (corner module)
・ Nominal maximum output

Storage battery

JH-WB1402 (outdoor)
・ Outdoor/4.8kWh

JH-WB1401 (indoor)
・ Indoor/4.8kWh

* A 9.6kWh outdoor type is also available.

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