Q. How are stones maintained for Eco Tile Grow?
A. The Sunagoke moss can withstand dry weather and changes in heat or cold, and can hold about twenty times its own weight in water, so almost no maintenance is necessary.
Q. Should I worry about the moss clogging the drainage ditch?
A. We have never encountered drainage clogging, but to be safe please check it regularly.
Q. How long is the moss growth period?
A. Moss on an individual level gradually dies from below, but the top part will remain alive, and will grow on a semi-permanent basis.
Q. Will it cover the amount of electricity I use at home?
A. The average household consumes about 5,500kW of electricity per year.
4.4kW system could cover about 80% of this total.
Q. What happens to the surplus solar power?
A. All surplus power will be purchased by the power company.
The monitor will show you the amount of sold power converted to electric rates.
Q. How long do solar panels last?
A. Modules with surfaces protected with glass last for an average of 20 or more years.
However, this will vary depending on installation location and conditions.

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