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Eco Tile Grow

Eco Tile Grow Developer
Daisuke Ishikawa
Managing Director and Production Manager

To soothe the mind and enrich your lifestyle.

At the time of development, we wrestled to overcome challenges such as moss falling off in strong winds and rain, and poor workability. By making the moss into sheets and curving the tile surface, we kept the moss from falling. And by delivering the tiles and moss separately and integrating them at the construction site, we not only ensured movability, but also made installation simpler.
Eco tiles give you a sense of seasons and weather changes. When you think of the moss that grows even on rainy days, you can feel your spirit rise. These tiles can be used from just two or three tiles on a small space of the roof.

Tile-integrated solar power systems

Sunvista Promoter
Tile-integrated Solar Power Systems
Masahiko Niimi
Director and Head of Sales

See power sold and bought at a glance to increase power-saving consciousness.

By installing a tile-integrated solar power system, you can beautify your entire roof. Their size and shape were designed in conjunction with flat plate tiles, so they look great. Not only do they contribute to the environment, but they also have been praised for their excellent design. You can check their power generation in real time on the color monitor. There is a system for selling surplus power back to the power company. You can see how much power you’ve sold and bought at a glance, so your family’s consciousness of power-saving will increase.

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