Shinto Corporate Code of Conduct

1. Pursuing Customer Satisfaction

We shall make efforts to increase customer satisfaction and raise employee awareness by providing high-quality and high-added-value products based on our Quality Policy.
Moreover, we have made the New 5 Ss our basic policy, and strive to be a “One and Only” company that earns even greater levels of trust from our customers.

2. Disclosure of Management Information

We shall disclose management information in a timely and appropriate manner in the effort to promote understanding among shareholders and investors.

3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We shall comply with laws and regulations and strive to maintain corporate ethics according to a good social conscience, in order to maintain the trust of our customers and society.

4. Prevention of Violations

We shall never engage in illegal acts, nor pursue profit by unfair means. In the event that misconduct should occur, we shall investigate the cause and work to prevent recurrence.

5. Environmental Initiatives

We shall proactively pursue environmental initiatives and conduct corporate activities with consideration for people and the Earth based on our Environmental Policy.

6. Respecting Human Rights and Dealing with Antisocial Forces

We shall respect the human rights and individuality of not only our customers and employees, but of each and every member of society.
We also shall stand resolutely against any antisocial forces that threaten society or security.

About Handling of Personal Information

Regarding the addresses and other key data entered by customers in inquiries, we pledge not to allow this data to leak or to distribute unwanted direct mail or other correspondence.
In principle we will not disclose customers’ personal information outside of our company without the individual’s consent. However, in the event that we receive a request for appropriate procedures as determined by law, or the need arises to protect our rights or property, we may use the minimum amount of information required for such purposes.