Environmental Policy

[ Basic Principles ]

We recognize that protecting the Earth’s environment is one of the most important issues for all of humankind, and we shall devote our utmost efforts to environmental preservation and conduct corporate activities with consideration for people and the Earth.

[ Basic Policy ]

We are working to reduce our environmental burden through the design, manufacture, and sale of clay roofing tiles, for which natural resources are the primary materials.
For this purpose, we shall adhere to our Basic Principles, and strive to promote environmental management activities by all employees and conservation and harmony with the Earth through the Basic Policy outlined below.

  • 1) We shall remain conscious of the environmental aspects related to our corporate activities, products and services, and upon evaluation of these, we shall set and enact environmental objectives, targets and plans in order to promote environmental conservation initiatives.
    We shall review these regularly and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  • 2) We shall comply with environmental laws, conventions, agreements, and other requirements we have chosen to embrace in terms of all corporate activities, products and services, and shall continuously adhere to environmental conservation within the scope that is feasible economically and technologically.
  • 3) We have established an environmental management system compliant with ISO14001 and shall work toward continuous improvements.
  • 4) Among the environmental aspects of our company, we shall work toward the following environmental management priorities.
    • (1)Reduce the amount of energy we use through efficient use of electricity and fuel
    • (2)Establish product development and manufacturing technologies with consideration for environmental problems
    • (3)Reliably implement technological services that contribute to reduced environmental burden for customers
    • (4)Promote the 3Rs: Reduce the materials we use, reuse resources, and recycle and reduce waste products
    • (5)Thoroughly implement chemical storage control and reduce the amount of chemicals used
  • 5) We shall implement education, training, and awareness-raising initiatives toward environmental issues among all of our employees, and promote proactive participation in conservation activities to enhance capabilities and further understanding of the environment.
  • 6) We shall make this Environmental Policy known to all employees and stakeholders and disclose it outside of the company.

October 4, 2016
Tatsuya Ishikawa
Shinto Company Limited

About Handling of Personal Information

Regarding the addresses and other key data entered by customers in inquiries, we pledge not to allow this data to leak or to distribute unwanted direct mail or other correspondence.
In principle we will not disclose customers’ personal information outside of our company without the individual’s consent. However, in the event that we receive a request for appropriate procedures as determined by law, or the need arises to protect our rights or property, we may use the minimum amount of information required for such purposes.