F type

Small tiles that offer a true Japanese style
Standard design just right for Japanese housing
  • Excellent waterproof and construction performance
  • Convex and concave design resists rain and wind
  • Disaster-resistant tiles only
  • Compatible with snow guard fixtures

Color Variation


Specification * Standard measurements

Actual Length 355mm
Actual Width 338mm
Exposed Length 280mm
Exposed Width 303mm
Weight 3.5kg
Tiles per ㎡ 12
Tiles weight per ㎡ 42kg
Water Absorption 6%

Disaster-resistant Tiles/S-PRO

Provide enhanced resistance against natural disasters and wind. The bottom tile’s lock arm joins firmly with the upper tile’s overlap lock during installation. This interlocking structure withstands wind.
Patent number 3502309

Disaster-resistant Tile/S-PRO

Solar Power/Roof Mount Type

Install as-is on your current roof. Wide variety lets you to select the most efficient type.

Universal Support Tiles

Install solar panels on your roof safely!

Snow Guard Tiles

Mitigates snow falling from roof. Also adds accent to roof design.
Corresponds to all CERAM-F series colors.
Please specify Snow Guard when ordering.

* Note: May not stop all snowfall depending on weather conditions.
* For installation details, consult with a construction professional.

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